Murgon Country Music Festival

Murgon put on a great festival in November. It was a privilege to be included alongside a group of incredibly talented artists for the weekend, and play to such appreciative audiences!

Latest Album

We've been making great progress on my latest recording project, now in the final stages of production at Kross Kut Records. Lindsay Waddington and his other session players have done a brilliant job! This album, my fourth, features eight original…

Munna Creek Country Music Festival

I felt privileged to be invited by the award-winning Lex K to join the lineup at Munna Creek this year and had a great time performing alongside some very talented musicians. It's always great to catch up with fans and…

Easter in the Country

It was fun to play some music in Roma over Easter. This was at the Big Rig Van Park, where I helped out Lex K and Heather on their gigs each night, and on Friday we managed to get my…


I know it's a little late, but I came across some photos from Tamworth. Heres one from the Melissa Bajric Show at the Capitol Theatre. It was a great week, the best festival I've had yet :)

New Album!

I'm very excited to announce a new recording project! Enjoyed a couple of days in the studio at Kross Kut Records with my good mate Lindsay Waddington and made a really good start on a new album. We've decided on…

Another Pic :)

I had this photo sent to me from someone who was at Troy's show.

I kind of like the photo, but I LOVED the show!

Troy Cassar-Daley Show

A highlight of the year for me was getting to play a couple of songs at the start of Troy's show in Kingaroy.

He's a great performer, musician, songwriter .... and a top bloke!

Dalby campfire gigs done!

The Dalby Tourist Park campfire gigs were great fun but have finished for this year.

I loved having my mate Dick Martin play along on harmonica (that's a pic of him with his wife Lesley). I reckon my next…


Campfire Gigs

I've been playing weekly gigs at the Dalby Tourist Park, meeting people from all over the country as I do a couple of sets of covers and originals.

Along with Dick Martin on harmonica, it's been fun times around…

Tamworth Highlight

My Tamworth highlight, playing on the Melissa Bajric show at the Capitol Theatre. Great show!